Devikulam in frames of Kerala on celluloid

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Devikulam is about 5 kms away from Munnar and a myth related to this place finds its roots in the Ramayana. It is said that Sita Devi and Lord Ram had stayed here for a while while on exile . The legend has it that Sita Devi used to bathe in this lake during their stay here. The waters here, they say, have healing powers. But it was not really healing that was on Jiah's mind when she walks out on a small plank jutting out over a lake in the middle of a forest in Nishabd. The photoshoot by Amitabh Bachchan, who plays a photographer in the movie, does full justice to the sexy Jiah and the lake

The red and yellow gum trees add to the beauty of the place. The 'neelakurinji' ((Strobilanthes kunthiana)) which blooms once in 12 years cover these hills in a shroud of blue. And when it happens it is a pleasure to watch and thousands throng the hill sides for this spectacular sight. Bollywood returned to Devikulam Lake when Rohit Shetty shot Chennai Express in these hills. Remember the scene where Meenamma's father's jeep rolls down the hill into a lake during a heated discussion between the lead pair. Well, that again is another view of Devikulam lake. Various Malayalam movies have been shot here too.

There are a lot of small places where you can stay for the night. You may not get five star comforts here, but it is ideal for someone traveling on a budget. Prior permission from Tata Tea is required to visit the lake.

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Devikulam is about 9kms from Munnar and around 149kms from Kochi.

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